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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to hospital. her age or her condition at this time but i am told she was conscious during this process and that's a good anything. this fence just behind f hill apartments and boy and girl club facility. we don't know victim had 12 of we did reach out to police to find out exactly how this happened. how she was able to become impile again here at one has been don road in dorchester we are still waiting to get information as we understand this investigation still underway. we live in dorchester. fox 25 news. >> we are following some more breaking news this timed lynn this is a brush fire off penny brook road in lynn. it is woods.
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and very dark. we are working right now f year grace. and 23 year old. this man says he his cousin.
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>> [inaudible] >> a fire she will tells me they treated the two adults for possible drug overdose. giving them each one dose of narcan. >> [inaudible] >> his cousin says the two are recovering in the hospital. and their family believes this was an >> we believe it was an accident. but you know, until i guess we hear otherwise -- >> coming up at six stz connection this car registered baby's father has in this death investigation. reporting in marlborough tonight. . . fox 25 news. investigator are staying tight lipped on detail surrounding large police presence outside of home in bill. officers were at the house on roger street around 5:00 this
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last night. fox 25 reached out to the police who told us more details will be released on monday in court. and of course we will be there. >> cool ask windy doubt either webster. about to get much colder. >> fox 25 storm tracker weather is here kevin most our area be wake up to am. temperature in the 20. >> narcotic that's scene have been right up summer time. to those trees cold air snow showers and north new england and again,ing berkshires and wind gusts now the very province town 37 might per boston down a bit. 209 nils bun generally dusts between 20 and 30 from here on out with occasional gusts higher. potentially up to 50 miles per hour. i had one from came garage earlier today of 49 miles per hour so windchill remember feeling feeling like 30s. youth >> and he who he the forecast for your friday night football
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mta bus driver will have to court. he hit a parked car and kept on going. he continued on through. they called 9-1-1 state police caught up with the bus. no one was hurt police looking whether the driver was under the influence of prescription medications in. coast guard has recovered body of missing aglory fisherman. body is near shore. in gloucester. he was swept out to sea by wave while fishing. the other man was rescued after clinging to a rock. >> and coast guard has suspended the search for three missing boaters from new bedford. the father son and friend left sandwich on tuesday. coast guard covered nearly 4,000 miles cape odd could bay but never turned up any sign of fish earnman or think boat.
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potential major shift wurnl reports donald trump hinted at possible compromise about keeping parts of obamacare. in interview president-elect said consider leaving in place parts of affordable care act. including provisions that allow parents keep older children on their insurance. and prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for denying >> big reason for thinks shift away from his campaign promises, was the meeting he yesterday with the all i do give my advice. # next presidential administration. as head of the campaign
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crowd gathered here on boston commons. another pretty big demonstration. there are dozens of people holding signs calling for peace. there is a protest scheduled later tonight in addition to the rally that you see here. meanwhile thousands took to streets last night including portland oregon where some most violent demonstrations took place. police say that protests portland got out of hand tweeting that rallies attorneyed into riots police say someone through project tiles at officers damaged the one point officers seen announced every one would be under arrest and used tear gas to try to break up the group nearly 30 protesters were taken into custody >> and wake of the demonstrations president-elect himself actually took to twitter inc. signally to condemn the proceed tempts. he tweeted thursday, quote, just had very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by media are protesting very unfair. >> but then just this morning, he walked it back.
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night have passion for our great county. we will all come together. and be proud. >> well remember, those who sacrifice for our freedom this veteran day. events being held across the country and here at home. honoring and then women who served this country. president obama late traditional wreath at the tomb of unknowns. but first family also hosted breeb fast state dining room for veterans and their families this morning. elizabeth hopkins joins us with more on l plenty of them, too >> lot of things going on tomorrow. city boston san newly veteran day parade always highlight. >> school out weather cooperate parade, moved through back bay was packed with people. showing their respect to military men and women who serveth protect our freedoms. mayor walsh marched tweeted out on veterans day we remember all who served past and present. thank you for your dedication
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governor baker also feeting the nation is forever incidented individuals for their selfless bravery honor and sack i chris protecting freedom. coach also honoring veteran news conference today ep said, about the team today. we will hear more from the coach and his respect for the veterans on the past roster that's coming up at 6:00. >> well thank you tonight woman stabbed during car jacking and police chase talking to fox 25. her story is incredible that started in connecticut and ended of in worcester we told you about yesterday afternoon. fox 25 chris flanigan down live woman out of hospital. >> credits marc shal arts with saving her life. >> and mark in get in beige brae mccoy 6th agree black belt he and her family own accomplish shal studio in auburn yes credits marshal with help is her save her life and her mother's
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she rekrup per rates for next few days. she sore and bit banged up. but feeling much better. barbie has nine staple national weather service her head after getting knives she also has two stab wounds. barbie 32 years old. was with her mother ann ann o we but deaccident in thompson connecticut yesterday. police say man and woman bolt 21 years old had stolen that car and crashed into a tree. well bar the scene he says man reached in and attacked her. pushing her out of the car. car jacking her. but not before she fought back. >> i flu my phone at him. so i can create distance and then he just that's what knife came out and i had to create more distance. so i used my feet. as much as i could. kicking him in the knee kick him in the groin. he moved the back. but he also was able to grab part of the car.
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>> barbie feeling much better again her mother will have surgery next week coming up on newly at 6:00 why barbie says she actual you loo feels sorry for the june couple that attacked them. we are live tonight in webster. fox 25 news. >> cars and homes spray painted with hate. putting neighbors on edge tonight. >> coming up at 5:30 we with neighbor who spent the day cleaning up. why some say they don't believe >> and it is cold out there. wind chills have dropped down into 30s in most location even on the outer cape. how much colder we will be tonight. and local man could have inspired donald trump to make his presidential run. up next we talked to him about how he was able to get the
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donald trump to seek political office man brought trump to your area make hissers from shal bitch back in 1987 fox 25 shares the journey from there to the white house. new at 5:00 tonight. >> after mike dunn bar convinced donald trump to make his political appearance here he said he disappointed when the then businessman chose not to seek office. for next 28 years dunn bar says he rarely thought about trump
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>> if you are unhappy you can blame me. you are happy you can thank me. either way i am guy that did. he maybe the man you love to hate. but one thing is sure, he has an eye for success >> i decided he was is the person to be the president of united states >> he was the deal maker. donald trump. then successful manhattan businessman. it was 1987 in dunn bar new hampshire politicsal activist didn't like any of the republican candidates in the presidential primary and thought he had bet to kind of guest taste in miss mouth or put his toe in water. i thought maybe i will get him up, and get him on campaign trail >> dunn bar filed this draft for trump for president with the federal election commission. and invited trump speak to the port smith rod re. which was then center of you into knew political circle >> he was very, very accommodating. he was very well, coming. he was just easy to talk to.
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gave his first ever stump speech sorts bringing the crowd to its feet. i did think, yes this guy has got what it takes. but that premonition would not be fulfilled for nearly 30 years. until the wii hours went day morning. it was like pointed seed and turned into the tree. i -- it is surreal. >> he has treasured mow moan toes his >> he grateful. that the many took a chance on took a chance on him. >> it is hard to believe i did in. it is like more like story i hear about someone else than about me. >> was one thing that donald trump did during the his rotary appearance here that dunn bar says stuck with him all of this time. coming up at 6:00 yes says it proves that trump is the same man now as he was then. >> if port smith. fox 25 news. >> and lawyers norco median bill cosby claim he expectations to be cleared of charges and restart his show business career.
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defamation lawsuit filed in massachutes by cosby. cosby attorneys urging judge seal information about cosby's compensation for his performances. the suit argues cosby has in future in show business and won't be hurt. >> judge awarded $4 million damages to cambridge couple who claim their irish nanny killed their baby girl. they filed wrongful lawsuit after their one year old died in her harvard square apartment in 2013. murder charge against ash lynn was dropped last year after a medical examiner changed baby as you caught of death from homicide to undetermined. couple lawyer told fox 25 they know he shots enough money pay buttle yesterday he ruling will keep her from making money off movie deal or book deal >> commuter rail service has been shut down until next week. service on the needham commuter rail line was suspend last night
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tracks. now trains will not start running again until monday morning. al alternate service will not be provide. also close egg on ramp 128 north route nine need maaam. starting at 88 -- tonight. ramps both direction will be closed. as part of project. traffic will moved to near newly constructed bridge and on ramp once work complete which expect tonight before the monday morning commute. drivers on 1128 north will continue to be able to use a shared exit lane for route nine east and wes chief meterologist. and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> another great veteran day picture sent into us today this from alex out in worcester that's troop nine in today veteran day parade. it was as milder earlier for those events too now, some cold air has blown non you can tell by looking to north here how rain changes to know is cold air comes in but also elevation back here. so some snow flying around sunday river back here through some of the white mountains as well.
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western massachutes. green or rain on lower elevations in this situation. light this win gusts. well over 20 miles per hour. most over 25. and some over 30 even 35 miles per hour. province 37. nantucket at 39 might per hour that's two places which tropical storm force winds right now give you idea of what are dealing with. so wind advisory will continue until 1:00 in the morning. at least. we see if gets upagreed then at least until 1:00 in morning. wind gust potentially to 50 miles pe more: in that continue tonight. too. win chilled other part of having the winds blowing east feels like 39 in boston even if it is a little warmer than. feels like 30 in worcester. even on province town feeling like 39 degrees.
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degrees. those will drop into 30s tonight but in around boston it is 46 right now. perhaps even upper 30s in. definitely feel like 30s though with the wind chill out there. already does. we will continue tonight. in fact wind chills get tolder and colder as temperature drops the windchill toledoingly drops into 20s eventually teens 12346r789. when wake up in morning. that's with the sun out there. mente sunshine tomorrow. upper 40s to about 50 degrees. that's a little bit milder than i was thinking earlierer this week about temperature a little built each day because it just look like big cold blant as week went on. sure going to cold top. see start off north best tomorrow morning. turn to west. middle of the date and then start to get lesser. then turn to southwest.
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but from warm air direction. that's going stop our temperature from being bitter old and will bring some milder temperatures. here's what it is look like. let me show you your weekend all in view here. saturday temperature right about 50 degrees on afrn. be many 40s out there, too in with that sunshine. boston will hit 50. on sunday, 58 degrees. that's after start in uneither cries. no doubt going to be dry not chance another any rain to come our way by sunday. promise you that. winds they will be getting lighter too as day goes on. so, not expecting any problems from weather i mean even 44. not too hard to take but football. in november. next thing up is track storm for tuesday still waiting for latest
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until then cold is story at least for day. >> be sunman not seen nearly 70 years grace night sky this coming monday. of the full moon on 14th willing iest about since 1948. # moon normally about 238,000 miles from earth. but next week, it will be 17,000 miles closer. and next time the moon will be this big and this close, the >> need make sure it is clear night. >> well routine traffic stop leads major discovery. coming unat 5130 what police say was being made inside this local dealership that could lead to some serious charges.
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it was down for lot day finished though this very good week. on dow. week comes to a close. hundreds gathered pray for two police officers and am bushed line of duty. pennsylvania officer was killed
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to the stomach. they were responding to domestic case. gunman was eventually killed, his pregnant wife and himself. >> >> and funeral arrangements now being made for officer basham more than 1,000 officer from across country are expected to attend. >> and airplane crashed into tow truck while preparing for take off after the los angeles international airport last night. a the runway was injured and two flights were delayed. lax says, they put passengers on another plane. >> two overnight fires same california city. suspicous. first fire was reported around 2:00 am industrial park just outside of l.a. next just two hours later, two miles way it inside of middle school. . fire investor say one person suffered third degree burns in first fire. and they have not said if there connection between the two but they again are investigating
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from taylor swift has been accused of violating restraining order. frank andrew hoover followed singer when she was at airport back in october. prosecutor say he came within 50 feet of swift. he required to stay 500 feet away. and airport worker say hoover tack aed about wanting to get on swift's private plane. >> federal judge has ordered michigan officials to deliver bottled water to flint home. residents there have been living without access to safe drink water for more th test show their water tainted with lead. water delivery will start immediately >> one woman says, it is like she doesn't exist any more. after being declared dead by the u.s. government. >> i am not dead. i am very much alive. >> coming up behind headaches could you face if you become one of the living dead. >> and the mother of suspected serial killer break her silence. ahead at 5:00 the two things she
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stories right now. young girl being treated at the hospital after being impile on fence. sky fox off blue hill avenue just before 4:00 it is not clear
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girl to rescue her. she wake taen the hospital. with a piece of the fence still in her thigh. we working learn her condition and we will continue to bring you the details as they come. >> from there, sky fox flu over breaking news lynn. orange line of fires snakes its way through lynn woods. this is penny brook road. fire chief other firefighter are on scene. trying put it out. they are working learn from any homes or r inc. der bring you any new information as soon as comes in. >> homeo outraged tonight after some someone ran around their neighborhood spray painting cars. houses, and signs. >> this happened overnight. to more than dozen people off of elm street some residents toll fox 25 they have pretty good idea who is responsible. >> yes. it was not quite what i expected. you know we can't even show why one of words painted on the side of tom and angela flesher's car. >> i was a little shocked at first. both vehicles and their driveway on elm street vandalized in mid.
5:31 pm
12346r789. $600 out of pocket deductible before their insurance company can fix the damage. i think it is kids running around. i do. i hope so. >> i would hate think it is an adult. that's willing unnerving to me. i am yum set but it is come. found kristen she is using paint thinner scrub her grayer damage door clean. kids will talk he gig out who did it >> do you yoifsh this is kids? i think it is kids. probably high school kids there house and cars damaged all through the franklin neighborhood. . no one we talked t who would be but however did is probably young. >> i think, enough houses were vandalized and enough cars there is rope hope that someone heard something or saw sl. the train link police department told you they are not investigating. this as hate crime. and toe do believe that kids are responsible. and they think it is completely random act. so far, no suspects information yet. >> in franklin. fox 25 news.
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across city of boston. as about turn really cold for the weekend. fox 25 storm tracker weather is here now. we will want bund will up tomorrow morning. you got bundle if you are going out for dinner. tomorrow morning it gets even colder. here where we are starting winds gusting over 25 miles per hour. over 35 miles per hour in other plates. bottom line it is windy out there and wind advisories in place until 1:00 in morning windy and temperature dropping we got talk wind chills that he feels like 39 in boston. you know, this not way to have 39 degrees. 39 cold enough. but when coming from wind hitting you just feels that much worse. and by the morning, though winds chills going down at least another ten agree in all spots. so spot ball this evening. 43 as kick off this for our game water town: >> but this could really apply anywhere dropping through the 40s and into the 30s. during your football game. how much cold we are are in
5:33 pm
>> well police are still search egg to man attacked teenage girl as she walked to her bus top and it happened near pure toon. just before 7:00 yesterday morning. the girlfriend tells fox 25 the 14 year old never saw it coming and the man took off. when witness ran for help. suspect described as white man medium height in his 20s or 30s. who was driving an older model sedan that was either blue or gray. with license plates sw or w. >> investigating after fighting evidence of a possible drug manufacturering operation inside dairy auto detailer. it is started with a routine traffic stop made by winham police officer noticed cars inspection stickers were expired. didn't belong to that car. state police got involved and that's when they found evidence that meth wag being made inside of the dealership. >> close sign hangs in window of auto alley in dairy where state police say employees issued fake inspection sticksers.
5:34 pm
and attached to vehicles that did not have proper inspections. police found materials and ingredients used to make meth. operations at the auto alley were halted by state officials. >> the automobile dealership and inspections state prif haven't? >> motor vehicles. affording to have a hearing regarding those >> no charges have been filed yet. but police say several people could face charges in connection to manufacturering of controlled drugs after the was all misdemeanor charges for individuals for affixing the improperly inspection stickers and potential felony charges against the business for allowing those stickers to placed on the vehicles. >> winham police could not specify how many impacted in this case. or how long it has been going on but they are asking any one who has their vehicle inspected at the auto alley and are concerned about it. to contact them.
5:35 pm
firefighter put out hot spots you can see felted siding of home next door. firefighter tell is lowell sun that fire started on porch and precede to second floor the. the cause is under investigation. >> and long time friends of connecticut woman lost at sea trying take over the missing woman's finances. linda ormen and her son nathan disappeared after leaving rhode island for fishing trip in settlement. nathan rescued from raft eight days later. his mom was never found. and friends with linda for more than 20 years. and, want to appointed trustee of linda's's estate. linda father was murdered in 2013. left millions of dollars to his family >> horse racing turning to east boston for another year. globe reports the state gaming commission approved sick day live rags for next year. the staple number races seen at the track this year. . . horse owners and trainers have voiced concern they can't support themselves on so few
5:36 pm
not big enough to support any more racing days. >> and new at 5:30 abosses based theatre group heading to white house. group name true colours. and it is the first lgbtq organizers to received national arts and humanities youth program award. michelle obama will present awards on november 15th. and whole events will be streamed live on white house beige. white >> hike. making news. because of who she ran into. margo. says she was so heart broken byelection resulted she decide to take her daughter for hike. clear her minds. she was walking in woods and new york yesterday when she heard people coming towards her. shire enough it was hillary bill clinton walking their dogs. she says she got hug clinton and explain that her proudest moment as mother was getting take her daughter to the polls and vote for the former secretary of state. >> and she was very gracious he hugged me.
5:37 pm
nicer. she was very warm. you know she asked me about my daughter obviously. nothing too serious. you know. you know. sheep was taking nice peaceful hike through the woods i don't think she wanted to talk serious politics >> she bill clinton took photo for them and the secret service also there. post, has more than 100,000 likes on her facebook page. has been shared thousands of times >> you never how will meet >> how about that? >> that's serious timing. she will never >> and community standing by families of moon died. after he tried to break up fight durings birthday celebration. coming up new at six he vents bringing people together this weekend. wake of of the tragedy >> and eating too much food may not be contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic like we thought coming up at 5:55 the
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. again. owe say sheriff deputy order george zimmerman to leave central florida bar after zimmerman accused black customer of hitting him and using racial slur. the bar manager asked police remove zimmerman because yelled female employee. snatched her credit card and used racial slur. no one as i arested. >> breaking mer silence.
5:41 pm
embarrassed. she said told her, that led him to kill four ployees at super bike shop in 2003 had allegedly made fun of him not knocking his bike over. she says she still in shock. >> does he cry? >> yes. >> i police tipped off thanked up on property last week. after search discovered three more bodies. he facing charges in all seven murders. >> chilling new video. body camera veil more information about what happened in yacht kwlaf the pldz nightclub shooting. authorities worth with gun drawn. wearing latex gloves row tech
5:42 pm
cell phones ring in backgrounds. as loved ones try to reach them. this was back in yawn when shooter killed 49 people wounded more than 50ors when he opened fire at the orlando nightclub. >> and new take on women's self defence may have been inspired by something out of xmen take a look here. they are called tiger lady. it is set of clause that pop out when you squeeze it. . goal is to help fight off an attacker and collect dna if the attack he skaes i am woman they could be longer that might be a little bit more beneficial. maybe some young teenage girls that are not yet allowed to carry pepper spraying or or stun gun. >> >> and football game or anything you are doing ashils i a capitol hill are already in. >> i show you wind chills.
5:43 pm
accounts lounge.
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by gun. we wanted know why it happened. tack he for years at the sole security administration in inspect general's office. and she says it is pretty basic issue human error >> where the social security employee, is keying into their computer. and just put it wrong person's name. >> 90% of the time mistake happens when spouse dies. that was situation with this patient. >> adding insult to injury.
5:47 pm
and inputter roar likely came when changed her address. but inspark general says, these mistakes are not happening as often as they used to. dropping from 1,000 people a months five years ago to about 500 a months now. >> put one those people, it has a big impact on your life. >> that's because social security shares the death information with every one from medicare to your bank. and if governor three months get everything finally straightened out >> my daughter, she broug >> social securities administration says it more states would sends in more death tay electroniccly, it would helpry dues the number of mistakes. >> and that will fix a lot of problem but we not there yet. and that means every day people like gory yeah find themselves having to prove the most basic of facts. >> i am living. i am living feel good. just took awhile to convince the u.s. government. >> in washington. fox 25 news.
5:48 pm
breaking news mattapan police are checking out reported shooter you can see do have yellow crime scene tape. walking off portion gas staying gas station below averages, but we know there several investigators on scene we are reaching out to them now. are learning exactly what happened it word theed shooting. we will keep you posted as we learn more information. >> and now your local forecast, from chief meterologist. and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> starting with picture from and how beautiful at that it was. looks nice mild look summery you don't feel anything like that. look. temperatures, in 40s. boston at 46. that's sounds like better than feels out there. i can guarantee if winds gusting nearly 30 miles an hour in boston keep in mind these are instant wind gusts they can otherly observation >> and clear he in between hours you get some higher wind gusts and every time gusts just a little bit higher.
5:49 pm
this winds advisories area. everything you see shaded here beige tan, peach. pick your color. you get idea. shaded areas wind view vice golf >> for gust to 50 pile per hour. >> though wind chills, how about this. feel like 39 in boston. again instant at time can feel even colder yes it is times winds not blowing as hard it can feel better than that, but still on average, feeling like 39 in boston and province town. wind chills not yet so bad out there in island. but coming your way. so, would say football because, that's our game of the week. friday night lights after all but many events. so generally, dropping you down through 40s eventually upper 30s already feels that way. testimony will get that cold win going feel even colder. feel like 20 moss later on on to. worse by morning. snow flake flying mountain here you see rain changing snow as cold air took over. and then particularly elevations, this ski areas well
5:50 pm
into knew also mount snow vermont they making stops -- of he. so years reguys cold air that's come snovenlt prer feshg conditions tore them. and even some snow showers active here in hills around the hudson valley of new york and into the berkshires. some rain shower and snow showers. so there flurries. just gives you idea of how cold it is. >> temperature by will morning, 20s and 30s. that's without the wind factored in but you can see wind will still be gusting between ten and even up to 30 miles per hour in the morning. 20s late tonight told you that by 10:00 it will be 20s when you wake up morning going feeling like teens. that will get better as day goes on because the winds will get lighter but also temperature will be going up with sun up there in full tomorrow. 15 hull. 48 in sandwiched. so upper 40s to about 50 degrees all across the region tomorrow but with the wind going feel that much colder wind gusts are going to be from the northwest to start. to west middle of day and then to south.
5:51 pm
because that's how south with the component of wind will make it warmer by end of the aweek. 35 degrees at 6:00. >> here seven day forecast takes you ruth i three you a weekend. on sunday yes you will start cold but warm up on. sunday afternoon. well into of the 50s that means going to be beautiful i evening at gillette stadium for patriots game. still getting information together to talk about that storm middle of next week. . in >> we will have that for you at vee ceo grub hub clairing is. mode election e-mail to employees. correct saying letter suggested employees agree donald trump quote nationalist anti-immigrant painful rhetoric should kick. today ceo, said i had comments were misconstrued. he claims his message that the company will not tolerate discrimination or hateful commentary in the workplace. >> and people burning, even throwing out their new balanced sneakers after the company expressed hits support for president-elect donald trump.
5:52 pm
the wurnl they feel trump's election is quote, move in the right direction. boston-based company says the spokesperson was only referring to the trans pacific partnership agreet. they have released statements saying they respect people no matter who they are in or how they identify. >> and here work on for fox 25 news at 6:00 family of young father killed drying to break up fight. sit down with fox 25. tonight they are talking about the way people who knew him best are turning tragedy into tribute. >> he was big family guy. he always put us before him. and he always wanted us to get best experience of everything. >> bryan was special. >> all new at 6:00 you who more family and friends, will honor him at fenway park. this weekend. >> and woman stabbed during yesterday's car jacking is now out of the hospital. . what she credits with saving her life. >> local man being credited with first inspiring donald trump run for the president >> if you are unhappy you can blame me.
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? ? remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes.
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new stewed shedding obesity ep demmic challenge thought that kids piling on pounds simplebly by eating too much as we reports from washington researcher say breakfast really is the most meal of the day. >> researchers say skipping breeb fast and irregular sleeping reasons kids could becoming dangerous leo overweight. looked children environments. and life styles to see if there were any factor that could lead to excess weight. they stud steed first ten years child alive. and todays journal of immediate at tricks, the research showed children who do not have regular bed time, who get too little sleep and who do not eat break fact, are at risk of being overweight or obese. .
5:57 pm
introduced to sale load foods don't increase or decease risk of putting on extra pounds. >> and to more smoked turning presenting than sees. or are over would it thenselves. their child greater risk of being overweight or bees. >> washington. fox 25 news. >> doctor minute treating patient with what they believe is been extremely rare and deadly disease. the team maine medical center to have a pre on disea dest order. they work patient was poked to con dam at anyed urge reintrue pents >> they are not, often not to be wiped out or killed by the normal sterlization techniques. >> ahospital equipment and surgery areas have been sanitized. and there was no risk of exposure to new patients or staff. >> and new at 530s see message
5:58 pm
they recalling more 3 million night hawk smoke carbon moon oxide alarms. alarm can fail to chirp once reaches seven yearned of life if batteries are replaced. h can lead people to believe ealarm still working in fact it is not. >> if you can contact the company for free replacement or discount on a new alarm. >> and boston based furniture company way fair debuted own tv a virt reality app. company is introduced app ideas spac variety of virtual shows room. giving them the toppings interaction with furnl any and accessories. goal is to simulate shopping experience in real life. >> and now with breaking news, this is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage. >> first at 69 -- young girl rushed to hospital after somehow becoming impile on fence. in dorchester. good evening, everybody.
5:59 pm
fox 25 is there live for us. where police are still trying to figure out what happened. christine? >> well that's right security team i spark with security team here at the building right now the they do not yet have any answer a how this happened. but tang look besides me. you can see this is a portion of the fenn that was cut away by first arespond ders who help rescue this girl and if you take walk with me you can sight gap fence that was left behind when removed. and if you take look on ground you can actually see some of the debris still left behind from medical items that were used on her. now take look at our sky fox video showing that crew, cutting through the rod iron fence to help rescue her. fox 25 learned judge girl became impile through her thigh. first responders leave small portion of the fence in her body while transporting her by ambulance to the hospital. now we do yet her age or her condition. but am i ammed told she was con
6:00 pm
this fence just behind prank lynn hill apartments ask boys and girls club facility we are tolls the club was closed for the holiday. i did reach out to boston bliss trying get answers from them we understand this investigation as to how young girl was impile is still underway. we still trying to get answers toer that. we live in dorchester. tragedy. >> bryan pass with a three young children >> great guy. great dad. and i doting husband. and loving father. and wonderful friend. killed just trying to do the right thing >> he made be feel like this most important person in room and did he ever since we are kids now community coming together. in his honor. i am looking forward to seeing the outpour of love and support. turn one family's heart break into a hope. >> bryan was killed tried break up fight in april. he left behind wife and three children.


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